Client Appreciation Events

When your clients think of you, do they smile? Would you like them to? 

Our job is to amaze your clients and make you look good in the process. Have you ever been to a Client Appreciation event? Have you ever put one on for your business?  What typically happens at these events? Beverages and appetizers are served. Then it’s an evening of small talk and people finding reasons to slip away early or without a fuss. That’s if they had bothered to come in the first place. We’ve all been to them. They can be nice but hardly memorable.


Client Appreciation Through Pinot and Picasso

Your next Client Appreciation event can be so much more.

Not only will your customers enjoy themselves, they will walk away with something tangible. Something they will treasure for a very long time. At Pinot and Picasso, with a brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other your clients will experience the most fun they’ve had in years. And they’ll know it was all because of you.


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