Private Events

Are you the organizer of a team building event you’re planning at work? Are you part of large social group looking for something unique to do? Bachelorette or birthday party ideas? Client appreciation night?

There are tons of reasons to get together. This time make it a memorable one and leave them thinking about you long after the event is over with their very own masterpiece. All inclusive rates include art supplies, snackPInot and Picasso, Kelowna Team Buildings, and complimentary Okanagan wines to enjoy while you paint.

Private Event Rates:

20+ guests ~ $49.95pp | 16-20 guests ~ $54.95pp | 12-15 guests ~ $59.95pp  | 10-12 guests ~ $69.95pp |

Special pricing for groups over 30, and non-profit organizations.

Please fill out the “Private Event Booking Form” and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Private Event Booking Request

Private Event Request Form
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(min. of 8 for private party + max 40)
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