“Social Paint Sessions” Coming To Pinot and Picasso in Feb 2017!

Here at Pinot and Picasso, we’ve been asked over and over if we do drop-in social paint sessions and unfortunately we had to keep saying “no,” which you know we don’t like to do….

…but we are now pleased to share with you our latest and greatest offering (in addition to our scheduled workshops) created especially for you!

If your brain starts thinking silly things like “I’m not creative,” let us show you everyone has a creative side to them. Some may be more dormant than others but we can help you awaken yours!


In February of 2017 we will offer “Social Paint Sessions” 5 days a week at our funky artist heritage loft on Bernard! You know what this means, right? Any time at all you feel like letting your frustrations out on the canvas, or you just feel inspired to create and express yourself, you can visit us and unleash the creative beast! We will also include express paint sessions over lunch to “get your mind right” and we’ll always have an artist on staff to help you along the way. We know, we know, and you’re welcome!

Here’s how it works —


  • Choose the size of canvas you would like to create your masterpiece on — Small, Medium, Large or XLarge (we also have a few odd shaped, thick, or long canvases upon availability)


  • Select your inspired painting spot either at one of our custom made floor easels near a big window overlooking Bernard (super cool, we can’t wait to show you!) or at a table with a smaller easel (optional)


  • Make yourself a delicious coffee or specialty tea (Chai Baba + tea toppings) at our self serve drink station (complimentary with your purchase)


*** Please note, no alcoholic beverages will be served during drop in Social Painting Sessions currently, although we are working on offering them in the near future!


  • Check out our “Idea Centre” filled with an abundance of images, and step by step instructions from art lessons and art style books from all over the world, or play one of our art lesson videos on a tablet or smart tv.


  • Head over to the “Paint Bar” and load up on the colours, brushes, and assorted paint tools of your choosing, and even grab a colour mixing wheel if you like!


  • Say hi to your neighbour and connect with our community of like minded souls who know what tapping into your creative side can foster in other areas of your life.


  • Get yourself nice and comfortable and let your creative inspiration take over! Check out of your left brain and into your right for a truly rewarding experience, ridding stress, pent up energy and leave feeling refreshed and addicted to painting, like we are!


So what do you think? Are you as excited as we are?


Stay tuned for our “Social Paint Sessions” launch date and open hours over the next couple of weeks, and be the first to try our exciting new creative service supporting our mission to bring accessible art-making to as many people as we can.

Sip, Paint and Laugh ‘Til Your Cheeks Hurt!”

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Can’t wait to create with you….

Jenn xx